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A sharp, clear vision for Crop Insurance decisions

Now for the first time, see the difference between products to choose the best policy to maximize your profit potential

At The Assure Group, we’ve developed a first-of-its-kind software tool that provides a multi-dimensional view to compare different insurance products. It’s called Assure360, and it’s now available to producers.

What makes Assure360 unique?

Assure360 provides an interactive look of each type of insurance product.  Assure360 shows you, the producer, how different insurance products work, while visually displaying the available guarantees and premiums.  You can now effectively analyze how crop insurance impacts your specific operation.

The bottom line: With Assure360, you will have a better vision to decide what is the best crop insurance policy for your individual operation.

How does Assure360 work to create a sharper, clearer vision?

  • With this new tool, you plug in your APH (yield history) and analyze how all the different individual crop insurance policies, coverage levels and unit structures would have fared using your actual production history.
  • This helps you “look back” in time and see how the different insurance options played out historically—again, based on your individual APH and unit structures.
  • Then you can “look forward” to project how the different products would work taking into account your cost of production and current corn and soybean prices.
  • In addition, Assure360 models 1,000 years of simulated yields and prices.  This step allows you to see the same set of analysis again, but against a much larger set of data for a more comprehensive view.
  • This analysis replaces any emotion and built-in biases and with fact-based confidence that you are making a sound risk management and business decision.  You will better understand your policy, and how to utilize it to maximize your profit potential against risk.

So take a new look today with Assure360. See how you can improve your crop insurance decisions—and see greater profit potential for your operation.