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eWeather Risk

Managing Weather Risk – A Tool for all Industries

Every day in the news we see the unpredictability, unfortunately, it is becoming the norm. As obvious as these signals are, companies are still not looking for ways to eliminate the risk created by weather to their bottom line.

For some businesses, weather poses a risk, for others an opportunity. Failing to monitor that risk or potential gain, and look at how it impacts you financially creates a lack of control.  eWeather Risk provides businesses with the opportunity to manage their budget, and smooth out their cash flow. Management, Board of Directors and Shareholders want to see consistent earnings as well as risk adjusted returns at higher levels.

Company revenue, profits and purchasing are all impacted by weather.  Not only major news events like hurricanes or drought effect business, minor changes in weather patterns on a city or regional basis can cause a significant impact.  No one can control the weather, but understanding how to diminish the financial impact is highly significant to the bottom line.

With eWeatherRisk, you can dynamically manage your weather risk with over 60 years of weather data from just under 6,000 ground based weather stations in the U.S. and Canada’s Prairie Provinces combined with unprecedented weather risk contract flexibility, pricing and contract delivery in real time. For your security and peace of mind, eWeatherRisk’s weather products are backed by our Standard and Poor’s AA- rated international insurance company.

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