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Tariff Aid Package Details

August 28, 2018 - Leave a Comment 

                      Monday August 27th the USDA announced the details for the Assistance for Farmers Impacted by Unjustified Retaliation, or what we would like to call the Tariff Aid Package for Farmers.  This package will include $4.7 billion in payments made direct to farmers to help offset some of the effects […]

January 1st deadline to lock in $5.18 on Corn & $11.06 on Soybeans

December 12, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

Margins for 2018 Are they tighter than ever?It seems that the tight profit margins in crop production over the last few years are continuing into 2018.  After four years of sluggish prices, farmers must continue to examine cost structure and revenue streams. The financial positions for producers are a result of our supply driven markets. So what do […]

Project Will Help Protect Farming

December 8, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

$20M effort focuses on improving soil health INDIANAPOLIS – Within just decades, according to one U.N. official, all the world’s top soil could be gone. And with it, farming. Soil degradation has become a serious problem over the years, and farmers along with experts in agriculture and conservation have taken notice. “As we embark on […]

Drought Protection – Deadline Nov. 15

November 1, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

PRF is a valuable tool. Easy…No Adjusters & No hard paperwork. PRF levels out your income, year in and year out.  PRF is always going to show you an expected ROI (return on investment).  You are going to have normal years, where there might be several months of dry weather and several months of normal weather.  […]

Weekly Outlook: Increase in U.S. Calf Crop Points Towards Larger Beef Supplies in 2018-2019

July 24, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

    USDA provided several key updates last week when it released the July Cattle inventory report along with its monthly Cattle on Feed report. The mid-year cattle inventory report provided the first estimate of the 2017 calf crop, which at 36.3 million head was 3.5 percent larger than the 2016 calf crop. The year-over-year […]


May 15, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

For most of us the weather is going to let us get back in the fields. You MUST notify your agent prior to replanting a field or any portion of a field.  If a producer FAILS to file a replant claim before replanting, there will be NO replant payment, NO insurance on replanted acres, ZERO […]

Protection for Tight Profit Margins – HarvestMAX

February 21, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

Margins for 2017 Are they tighter than ever?It seems that the tight profit margins in crop production over the past two years are continuing into 2017. The  continued projected market prices for corn and soybeans are lower than breakeven levels, that along with only slight reductions in input costs for seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, will severely crimp potential profit opportunities […]

Controlling Chaos in Uncertainty – Top Producer Seminar 2017

January 19, 2017 - Leave a Comment 

PLEASE JOIN US……. Top Producer Seminar Protecting your farm in Lean times We are excited to see everyone this year at the Top Producer Seminar from January 24 through the 27th at the Hilton in Chicago. Crop Insurance has evolved over the last few years, and with prices swinging from high to low, we need […]

Smashing Trend Yields in 2016

December 7, 2016 - Leave a Comment 

2016 is coming to a close…. What a year it has been.  For the most part, harvest went fairly smooth across the Midwest.  Based upon the numbers below, the actual production history (APH) and your future guarantees will be going up.  This is good news overall, and even better news for shallow loss product coverage. […]

County Level Yield Predictor – Interactive Map

August 12, 2016 - Leave a Comment 

Reminder……..Farming Ahead of The Curve Conference on August 17th in Appleton, WI and August 24th in West Lafayette, IN. Click here to register for the  Wisconsin Conference  & here for the Indiana Conference. INTERACTIVE COUNTY LEVEL YIELD PREDICTOR As Many of you know……  We work closely with our insureds trying to get you as much information as possible. […]

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