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Protection for haying and grazing operations.

What is PRF Insurance?

PRF insurance protects grazing and haying operations against the decline in expected precipitation. Expected precipitation is determined by averaging long-term historical weather data collected by NOAA.

The PRF enrollment deadline is November 15th for the upcoming January-December coverage period.

How does PRF work?

The Producers decide when coverage occurs by selecting a 2 month interval.

Choose how much coverage to place on each insured interval.

Pick a coverage level (each level has a matching subsidy level).

The Basics

Utilizing the industry’s best software, we assist you in identifying the grid or grids your acrage is located in. THE ASSURE GROUP then analyzes the historic rainfall for your grids going back to 1948. This will help you decide if the grid history matches years or times of the year you know have been historically dry.