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The Assure Group is a team of accomplished professionals dedicated to providing the right solutions for small business and farmers. Assisting you with the best options in human resources and administration, crop insurance coverage and profit protection services is our main concern.

Dedicating the time to your business needs is what we do.   Our preference is to sit down face to face, learning about your practices, changes to your structure, and plans for future growth or transition.  With the assistance of technology and the lack of time available for many people, we are able to use new communications sources to meet your needs almost immediately.  We are committed to working around your schedules and time constraints.

We have the staff on hand to make sure that nothing is overlooked as the rules of employee management, employment taxes, human resources policies and crop insurance options are constantly changing.  It is our job to stay up to date in the industry and make you aware of all new rules and regulations.

The Assure Group has agents that respond to your needs.   No question should go unanswered, and if you do not understand something, please call or email us and we will help clarify things for you. The Assure Group, understanding your business and serving your needs.